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Body-Centered Therapy
For Healing of Body, Mind,
and Spirit.

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Discover Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

A Unique Experience That Offers...

  • Relaxation & a state of inner calm.
  • Release of physical & emotional pain or tension.
  • Increased awareness and understanding (emotional, physical, and spiritual).
  • Deepened trust in your inner wisdom.
  • Feelings of compassion & acceptance for yourself.

Read More About Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy...

Karen approaches her practice of Phoenix Rising Yoga with the perspective and wisdom of a seasoned social worker. Her years of working with individuals in various settings informs her mind-body work with a greater understanding of the stresses and strains of everyday life. Of equal importance, Karen works extensively with children and adults who have experienced various forms of personal loss and trauma. Karen's individual and group sessions of phoenix rising yoga include all the traditional modalities of phoenix rising enhanced with her years of clinical work, spiritual exploration, yoga, and meditation.

- Dr. Lori Zucker, PT